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How to Get Skilled in Cinema 4D in just over a Week - Guaranteed 
If you currently work in video editing, motion graphics, online video, photography, graphic design or just want to make your own short 3D animations; our Cinema 4D Essentials Hybrid workshop has you covered.  
Have you tried to learn software online ?? 

This is how it usually goes..


Start by watching random YouTube clips -  very hit and miss and time consuming with no guarantee that it'll show you how to do what YOU want

Sign up for an online course - usually you have to watch hours of tutorials before you get to the 3 or 4 things you really want to know.  What if you just have a couple of questions ??


You have some questions so you try the online forums - you post your question then get 15 conflicting responses and eventually the thread becomes a geek fest with no one actually helping YOU.

Finally you end up just making do and never get your questions fully answered..

Or if you go to a LIVE Workshop

You struggle to see the Instructors screen and by the time you get a chance to try something the instructor has moved on

You desperately jot down notes and keyboard shortcuts, only to find it all gibberish when you come to actually use it


A week after the course you can barely remember any of it because you had no time to actually implement any of the material.

Time to go back to online training again !!

If any of these sound familiar then check out our NEW very cost effective HYBRID training solution..
The Cinema 4D Essentials Hybrid Workshop

The Cinema 4D Essentials Hybrid Workshop

The Cinema 4D Essentials Hybrid course is a unique type of online course that combines the convenience of online learning with a real LIVE webinar event every 2 weeks to get your specific questions answered and help you actually implement 3D Modeling and Animation into your skill set.

If you currently work in video editing, motion graphics, online video, photography, graphic design or just want to make your own 3D animations; our Cinema 4D Essentials Hybrid workshop has got you covered.  

Learn Skills and Essential Workflows

Learning to use any new software can be a daunting undertaking, the Cinema 4D Essentials Hybrid workshop will give you a strong foundation in the fundamentals of Cinema 4D allowing you to leave the course with ability to get professional results in a short amount of time.

It's also the most cost effective yet practical training around. Perfect for anyone wanting to learn Cinema 4D without the cost or time involved with a multiple day LIVE course plus the added convenience of online training .

Here's how it works...

The course consists of 4 online modules released every 2 days. Each focused module gives you deeper and deeper knowledge of the program, whilst avoiding information overload by giving you time to absorb the content. This is then followed by a LIVE webinar every 2 weeks with Maxon Cinema 4D certified lead trainer Andy Day, where each module is reviewed, you can ask questions and even "hot seat" your own projects for feedback from the group and Andy. There are also bonus sessions at the LIVE webinar, plus some exclusive special offers
Course Contents
Module 1

The interface and modeling - how to navigate through the program and start creating 3d objects within the hour !!

  • The interface
  • Workflow through a 3d project
  • Primitive Objects
  • Splines and Sub Division Surfaces (formerly NURBS)
  • Generators
  • Deformers
  • Intro to Polygon level modeling
  • Putting it all together to create Models
Module 2

Creating Materials - texturing objects is where your projects start to get real.  In this module you'll learn how to apply the preset materials and make your own from scratch

  • Using a Material preset
  • Material Channels
  • Modifying a Preset Material
  • Making your own Materials from Scratch
Module 3

Lighting and Cameras - Now to bring textures to life with lights and cameras.  Get creative with lighting your textured scene and place cameras ready for the final module on Animation and rendering.

  • Creating lights 
  • Simple 3 step system to adjust light settings to get realistic results
  • Lighting effects
  • Using the different types of light
  • Global illumination
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Adding Cameras
  • Camera settings
  • Setting up Depth of Field
  • Switching between Cameras
Module 4

Animation and Rendering - Time to finish the whole project with some object and camera animation.  Learn easy ways to create complex animations, with the minimal number of keyframes. Finally the essential settings for rendering your final project.

  • Using Splines to move objects
  • Animating Cameras
  • Setting keyframes
  • Recording keyframes in realtime
  • Editing Keyframes
  • Adjusting Interpolation
  • Cutting between cameras with the Stage object
LIVE Bi-Monthly Webinar

This is what makes the Cinema 4D Essentials Hybrid course unique. 
A Live bi-monthly webinar to get your specific questions answered .  Here's an example of what's covered:

  • A brief review of Module 1 followed by Q and A. There's also a chance to "hot seat" your projects for feedback from the group and Andy.
  • A brief review of Module 2 followed by Q and A. There's also a chance to "hot seat" your projects for feedback from the group and Andy plus a special bonus preview of Grey Scale Gorillas Texture Kit Pro
  • A brief review of Module 3 followed by Q and A. There's also a chance to "hot seat" your projects for feedback from the group and Andy plus a special bonus preview of Grey Scale Gorillas Light Kit Kit Pro.
  • A brief review of Module 4 followed by Q and A. There's also a chance to "hot seat" your projects for feedback from the group and Andy. A bonus run through Integration with After Effects Creative Cloud using the Cineware Plug-in, plus a keyboard shortcut masterclass is also included.
  • More Q and A, plus extra bonus training....

Using Real World Examples

The Courseware for the Avid Certification Courses are Second to None.  Real world Editing Scenarios Are Covered, Complete With Footage You'll Learn How to Edit Promos and Docos
A Special Bonus Session At The LIVE Webinar ONLY
Keyboard ShortCut Masterclass
Master The Essential Keyboard Shortcuts To Speed Up Your Workflow
No Need for Engraved Keyboards or Stickers
Something For The Pros...

Use Your FCP or Media Composer Skills in Premiere Pro 

As training partners for both Apple and AVID we are in the best position to show you how to adapt to Premiere Pro in the Fastest and Most Efficient way.
This course is a very cost effective way to move your skills over fast.
About Your Instructor
Andy Day
Andy has been working in the professional Music & Post production industry for over 25 years, with clients including: 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Disney, Discovery, National Geographic, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Universal Records & MTV. He is now Creative Director of his own production company Handy Productions Ltd, based in Auckland New Zealand.

He is an Apple Certified Master trainer for Final Cut, Logic Studio & an Apple Certified Consultant in New Zealand taking regular trips to the US, Australia & Europe to train Apple users.

Andy is also an Ambassador for Adobe video products in New Zealand, an Adobe CC Certified Instructor & Lead Instructor for Maxon's Cinema 4D in Australia and New Zealand.


If you're still not feeling the love for Cinema 4D by the end of your course then you get to come on as many Virtual LIVE Workshops until you do !! 
It's my personal mission to make sure you know Cinema 4D well enough to achieve your personal objectives, so I'm backing it with a personal guarantee that no other course can offer. 
Course Options
cinema 4d ESSENTIALS Hybrid inc. LIVE Webinar
140 USD
 Includes Modules 1-4 and supporting pdfs  - AND THE LIVE Bi-Monthly WEBINAR
  • Modules 1-4 Delivered as Videos Every 2 Days
  • Supporting pdfs 
  • LIVE Bi-Monthly Webinar for Q & A
  • Premium Support 
  • 3 Months Access to Webinars and Lifetime access to videos

Frequently Asked Questions
Is This Course Suitable For Beginners?
Yes, it's a great way to learn the software at whatever level you are.  If you're completely new to 3D then there's plenty of time for you to try ideas out and then bring them to the LIVE Workshop for feedback.
Is There Any Support After The Course ?
Yes, you get free email support for all the modules and content covered in the course
How Long Do I get Access To The Webinars?
Everyone has free 3 month or 6 month access to the bi-monthly webinar (that's 24 or 48 opportunities to ask questions)
Do I Need My Own Copy Of Cinema 4D?
Yes, you will need your own copy of the software, but Maxon offer a free  trail of Cinema 4D for new users. 
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